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How to set up the Wodify Appointment Scheduler

Below are instructions for setting up for your Free Intro on your Online Sales Portal in Wodify.

If you already have one set up and want to know how to connect it to the website please follow this guide

Set-up your Appointment Free Intro:

Head to Appointments > Pricing > Free Intro* (System)
Confirm the number of sessions leads can book for a Free Trial Appointment from the OSP
Edit the name of your Free Intro (if needed!)
Enter the description of your Free Intro. This will appear on your public Online Sales Portal

Note: You will need to create at least 1 Appointment service with provider availability in order to offer a Free Trial Appointment on your Online Sales Portal. Head here to learn how you can set up an Appointment service.

Enable Free Intro sessions on Your Online Sales Portal:

Head to Gym > Sales Portal
From Appointment Sessions > Select 'Edit' Free Intro
Select the service(s) leads are allowed to book Free Intros for

Note: Leads will be able to book into a Free Intro Appointment session based on the provider's availability of the service(s) you have selected. Ensure that there is provider availability for your service. Head here to learn more about adding provider availability for services

3\. Customize Free Intro Welcome Email:

For every new Free Intro sign up, Wodify will automatically issue an Initial email with the Appointment Details. Here's how you can edit the content of the email:

- Head to Communication > Settings > Appointments
- Select Edit 'Free Intro Initial Email'
- Make any changes you would to the content
- Save

Note: We recommend that you do not edit any [placeholders], as they will auto-populate important information about the Appointment like the service name, appointment location, appointment date & time, and more. 

Booking Experience for Leads: The Online Sales Portal 

When a prospect visits your Online Sales with Free Intro enabled, they will be able to book directly into an Appointment time slot.

Here is the booking flow for leads:

- The lead heads to your Free Intro on the Appointment Sessions tab from the Online Sales Portal
- The lead selects the date & time they wish to book
- The lead enters email address, full name and additional personal information
- The lead confirms their appointment booking
- The lead is booked for the appointment. They will be automatically sent thr Free Intro Initial Email with their Appointment Details!
- Leads can continue to book Free Intro Appointment(s) based on the number of sessions allowed on the Free Intro membership (see Step 1. Set-up your Appointment Free Intro).

Note: Trial leads are assigned all published waivers. To send an assigned waiver via email to the lead to sign, head to their lead profile > select Documents > Actions > Email.


Tip: You can change the booking window to extend or shorten the number of days in advance that leads can book into Free Intro Appointments by heading to Appointments > Settings > Booking Window.

Tip: Looking for an even easier way for leads to book a Free Intro? You can embed the Free Intro perma-link into a button or page on your website! To get the unique link to your Free Intro Appointment, head to the Online Sales Portal and select Edit 'Free Intro.' Select the icon to copy the link to your clipboard. Head here for more information on embedding permalinks onto your website.

Admin & Providers: Notifications, Appointments Calendar & more.

Once a lead purchases their Free Intro, the lead is created in Wodify with the 'Trial' status. You can view the lead's information by heading to People > Leads > Trial.

Here are other notifications you can expect:

- The provider of the appointment will receive the "Appointment Created" automated email;
- All Admins will receive an email that a new lead has booked an appointment 
- Admins and the provider can view/edit the Appointment on the Appointments Calendar  & Kiosk.

Note:  You can identify which Trial leads have signed up for an Appointments Free Trial class by viewing the 'created from source: Appointments Webform' from the lead profile.

In order to offer Free Intro Appointments on the Online Sales Portal, you will need to be on the Grow or Promote subscription package. 

To connect your Appointment Scheduler to your website follow the steps in this guide

Updated on: 13/04/2020

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