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Selling Memberships / Products On Your Site

Selling Memberships / Products On Your Site

Would you like to sell memberships, retail, and any other products directly on your site?

We offer an add-on allowing you to do exactly this. For $9 a month you can sell an unlimited amount of products or subscriptions on your site and easily manage billing.

To do so please complete the steps below.

Initial Setup

First please make sure you have a payment gateway setup. This is something that allows you to process payments online like Paypal or Stripe. We recommend Stripe, please click here to setup Stripe.
Once you have Stripe setup please purchase Online Store Add-on
We will be notified to setup Store functionality on your site, please give us 48 business hours, we will notify you once we've completed setup.

Steps Once Setup On Your Site

Login using the admin login ( You receive 2 logins when your site goes live. Contact Support if you have questions.)
On logged in click Run the Setup Wizard at the top of your screen and fill out your information.
IMPORTANT: Skip the Payments & Recommended tab and do not install any themes on your site, this will break your site.
Follow the Woocommerce Stripe setup tutorial here. If you need help please reach out to support.
You're now all set to set to create your products and subscriptions to sell on your site!
Create Your First Product / Membership Help Article

Pages Added To Your Site

During setup we went in and added a Products, Checkout, Cart, & My account page. You can go through and edit these as you wish using your All Pages tab in your site dashboard.

Helpful Tutorials

For Selling Online Memberships

Restricted Pages Overview
Create and Setup Restricted Pages
Create User Registration Form
Managing Restricted Access Profiles
Add A Login Form To An Existing Page

Updated on: 28/05/2020

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