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Removing CrossFit from your site.

This guide will walk you through how to remove all the CrossFit branding from your site.

Depending on how much customizing you have done some items may or may not be applicable.

This guide is listed by sections. At any point you can reach out to support by using the chatbox if you have questions. You can also purchase a session with our Client Strategist if you need extra help.

Site Settings

Starting in the site settings you can change your gym name. (If you are doing so) Put in your new name and hit save. You may also be changing your logo. You can upload a new logo and favicon.
If you need a new logo or help with re-branding you should check out our Re-brand packages here.

Updating Site Information

Home Page/Get Started

Option 1. On your home page there are several places in the template where the word CrossFit appears. You can search the text on the page by pressing CTRL+F and searching for CrossFit. This is helpful to find them.

Option 2. You can add one of our new Homepages that do not have CrossFit branding on them.
Live demo of Template 1
Live demo of Template 2


You can simply copy and paste the texts from this page to update the questions. Feel free to add in anything else you would like. Did you know that you can add in YouTube videos too? See this FAQ Article for more information


From the programs block click on ALL PROGRAMS and click on Quick Edit in that screen you can adjust the program title and the "slug". That is the title that shows up in the URL.
For example in this the /crossfit is the slug

Please reach out to support if you have questions with this process.

Here is an example of a new program description that you can use.

A 60 minute class class for total fitness. The Workout of the Day is high intensity training tailored to your goals and lifestyle. Expect each workout to use a variety of functional movements – including barbell work, kettlebells, gymnastics and cardio. The programming is always varied, just like your life. Our expert Coaches will take you through from start to finish ensuring the results you want.

Check out this guide for a complete guide on changing your programs.

How to update program name and slug

Stock Photos

If your site using mostly our stock photos please reach out to support to help remove any Search Terms from those images.

Other Connections

Lastly you are going to want to make sure you remove any other branding from site including if you are using a calendar or scheduling embed from a third party. Also

Next steps

If you have questions please reach out in the chatbox and our team will help you get back to business.
Click here to see our Re-brand packages.
Click here to purchase a session with our Client Strategist.

Updated on: 30/07/2020

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