Scheduling A Call With A Specialist

Building out your website can get tricky at times. We get it. This is how we help you.

1. Send us a screencast of your issues
We recommend Screencastify or Loom (They are both free) . Simply record your video and send us the link using the chatbox.

If you can't do this please use a bullet point list such as:_
I am having some trouble with my site can you help me with
Changing my logo?
Adding a new coach to the coaches page?
Updating my phone number ?

2. Send that message to us using the Chatbox
Send us the link to your screenchast video or your bullet point list.

3. You'll receive a link to do a call with a Specialist for your isssue.

Why do we ask for a list ? We have several specialists on our team and want to make sure to put you on a call with the person who can help you. We also use those lists to make sure we cover every issue you have and don't miss anything.
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