Version 2.9.2

Helpful Articles & Webinars Released:
Weekly Covid19 Webinar
At Home Fitness: How to Replace Your Current Homepage/Get Started Page
Be A More Virtual Gym
How To Create An Amazing Online Experience
Online Gym: Best Practices

How other gyms use the software:
Online Gym Transformation Case Study: Wylie Belasik, Subversus Fitness
Online Gym Transformation Case Study: Dave Whitson, CF Soar

Templates Added To Page Library:
Virtual Home & Get Strarted
Member sign up and login
Covid 19 Updates

Create User Restricted & Membership Only Pages
Create content that can only be viewed after filling out a form or after a successful login.

How To Use:
See Case Study: Online Gym Transformation Case Study: Wylie Belasik, Subversus Fitness

Youtube Channel / Playlist Embed Block
Embed youtube videos from any public channel or playlist into a page on your site.

How To Use:
*Setup: YouTube Gallery Block

Bug fixes and Enhancements
Image aspect ratio for testimonials on mobile was fixed
You can now choose to hide category dropdown in your Blog block
New light lazy loader for images was added to decrease website load time
Text color for forms was fixed where white text was not visible on white background
Outer menu is visible on mobile screen now in smaller sizes
Better support for animated content in block previews in dashboard
Forms were fixed when viewed inside block previews
Pagination added to the landing pages in your dashboard to help you go through them easily
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