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2.9.3 - May

Version 2.9.3

Some of you may be making statements about CrossFit and your stance with current events. Feel free to see and use TheHillKC's article on it.


Re-opening With Covid-19

Re-Opening Your Gym | Best Practices: with Level5 Mentors
Level5 Mentors released their 20 point checklist to re-opening during Covid
With this ever changing news around COVID, it might make sense to include a banner popup for any gym changes. Here's how to do this.

Considering a rebrand? Follow these steps

Watch our recorded 5 Tips to Consider when Rebranding webinar.
Go through our Gym Rebrand Checklist
How to take CrossFit off your site.
If you’ve purchased a new domain name for your new gym rebrand, contact our support to assist in redirecting the website over.

Blog Posts Added

The Top Three Supplements for Healthy Digestion
Why now is the best time to start a new fitness routine
The 4 Best Lateral Movements to Include in your Training Regimen

Templates Added To Page Library

Easily add any of these pages to your site. Adding A New Page Tutorial
Homepage Covid-19 Ready
Get Started Covid-19 Ready
HSN 28 Day Nutrition Challenge
Go2 Homepage Redesigend


New Template Design

Checkout the new design here Go2 Home

How To Use:
Using the page library download Go 2 Home and add it to your site.
See How To Replace Home page to change out the page

Bug fixes and Enhancements

Fixed the missing Save Changes button issue on some of the blocks
Image aspect ratio fixed for programs on mobile
Page will now automatically refresh when Page options are saved to show changes
Resized logo and redirected to website on login page
Fixed an issue where you couldn't edit ebooks in page editor
Athlete's image quality in AOTM block has been increased
All category option was added in blog block
Blog excerpts/snippets added to missing blog posts
You can now assign categories to coaches to show specific ones in the block

Updated on: 12/06/2020

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