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2.9.5 September

2.9.5 September


This is the Monthly update for your website. We've added in a lots of new features, updates and content including:

New uptime monitoring for all sites! (We check your site every 5 minutes to make sure everything is running smooth. If your site ever goes down we will know within 5 minutes! )
Added 5+ new pages to our page library
New dark mode site theme
Added new header options
Password page restriction



Webinar: Level 5 Mentors squad in collaboration with our own Clay Weldon dive into the topic of Fitness Technology and how the dominance of this tech is driving the industry.
Webinar: Thinking Beyond COVID - The Path Forward

Templates Added To Page Library:

Our Facility Page
Member Benefits Page
New Home Page Templates:
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

Blog Posts Added To Your Site:

These blogs are uploaded directly to your site.
How Athletes Win The Day
3 Areas That Are Essential To Mobilize
Why Carbohydrates are Important As an Athlete
Check out this article on how to add and publish blog posts.

New Site Features:

Uptime Monitoring
We now check your site every 5 minutes, 24/7, to make sure it is running smoothly. If it's not we will be able to automatically address it without you having to reach out to us. Never worry about your site going down again!

Dark Mode for pages and entire site

What is Dark Mode?
This is a way to have a black or dark background instead of white. You can use this on the entire site or on single page.
Check out this article to learn more.
Comparison of Dark Mode site to Standard Theme.

New Header Styles:

Not sure what header style is right for you?
Read this article to find out more!

Page Customizations

New options for individual pages. You can now add a password,hide the Get Started Button and change on the header on Individual Pages.
Password Protected Pages
Hide the Get Started Button
Change Header Style on Page
Header Styles

Bug fixes and Enhancements

Allow outer menu to be the main menu
Youtube videos can be added to program description
Allow for custom to do field to be updated in single site go live steps
Gravity Form submit button showing in gradient on safari on mobile
Allow dark theme
Edit options and show edit menu on all pages and edit page
Add gym name next to logo for small logos
Allow for boxed transparent header

Updated on: 08/10/2020

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