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How to use Dark Theme.

How to set and use dark theme:

This article is how to set a dark theme on your website. A dark theme is a black background rather than white . See these articles to learn more about your Header, Footer Changing Content or Menus.

What is dark theme?

Dark Theme is a black background rather than white. This is the space between the images and text. For branding this can help with the look and feel or your site.

Comparison of Dark Mode site to Standard Theme.

How to change your site to dark theme.

For entire site:

Go to Settings tab
Click on Design
Click on Colors
Set site to a dark theme. Once selected the entire site will turn to a black background with white text

How to change dark theme for individual pages:

Go to Page that you want to set as Dark Theme
Click Page Options
Select Dark Mode

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Updated on: 06/10/2020

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