Advanced Page Features
This an article on Advanced Page. For other changes see these articles Header, Footer Changing Content or Menus.

Password Protected Pages
With this feature you can add a password to a page. If you are wanting to create a members only area with individual profiles see this here.

How to add a Password to a page.
Go to the page you want to Password Protect
Click on Restrict This Page
Enter the Password you want to use
Click Save

Hide Header/Get started or Use Page as a Landing Page.
With this feature you can hide or remove the header button (The Schedule my free intro button shown below) from individual pages.
The Hide Header Button only hides the Header button but Use as a Landing Page will hide both the entire Header and Footer
Hide Header Button
How to hide a header button on a page.
Go to the page you want to make the changes on
Click on Design
Select Hide Header Button or Use as Landing Page
Click Save

Change Header Style on Page
You can change the header style on a single page. _To learn more about Changing the header for the entire site see this article._ There are 3 styles to choose from. Default, Transparent Boxed and Transparent

How to change page Header Style:
Go to the Page you want to change
Click on Design
Select Header Style
Click Save

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