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Start Here, Changing Content On Your Site

How to change content on your site

To change something on your site you first need to know what it's called and how to find it, this article will help direct you.

Make sure you're logged into your site. Tutorial on how to login to your site.

1. Go to the content you want to change on the frontend of your site.

Note: The frontend of your site refers to what people see when they load your site, the backend of your site refers to the site dashboard you go to to edit the frontend.

2. Where is it on the page?

There are 4 sections to every page.
Based on the section it's in you will find a tutorial on how to adjust anything and everything for that section.

Use the picture breakdown below for help.


This is where your logo, and menu's exist. It's the very first thing you see on the page.

Note: The page links that show when Menu is clicked in the header is considered to be apart of the header. Don't see a page on the frontend of your site? This is fixed by changing the menu so go to the tutorial above.

How to change the Header

How to Change Menu's

Page Content

This is everything between your Header and Footer.
How to edit a Page

This is the bottom of the page, the footer always starts with your logo then a footer menu and some social links.
How to change the Footer

Fixed Call To Action

This is the bar that appears when you scroll on a page and prompts the user to Get Started
Editing the Fixed Call To Action

Still unsure? Take a screenshot and using the chat box in the bottom right of this page send it to support and we'll help you!

A picturebreakdown of the 4 sections.

Updated on: 02/09/2020

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