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Using the Schedule & Class Software

Using the Schedule & Class Software

There are 2 ways to show your class schedule.
An embedded schedule from a member management system
Use the schedule block.

Embedding A Schedule.

To Embed a schedule widget.
Copy the widget from your Member Management System.
Paste the Widget into Schedule Widget field. (To find the Schedule Widget click on site settings then on the forms and widget tab.)

The Schedule Widget is located under Site Settings and the Forms and Widgets Tab.

Please note that if you want to switch from a widget to the Schedule Block you need to remove the Schedule Widget.

Using the Schedule Block

Use this instead of an embed or widget to show your class schedule, calendar or timetable.

Add the Schedule block to the page you want it to be on
Press Add schedule
Edit and add classes using the steps below

Schedule Block

Add in your classes.

On this page add in your classes. If you have a class that happens at different times, will need to add in a class for every time that class happens. E.g 6 am, 9 am and 1 pm CrossFit would each need a class made for them.  (Important note: the Program page at the bottom is a page the class will link to when someone clicks on it on the schedule. If you don't want it, leave it blank.)

Categories ( Making multiple calendars)

Using Categories, you can create multiple calendars. For example, if you wanted a calendar that only displayed your Kids Classes. 

To set this up on the Categories Page, create whatever Categories you want.  Then on the Classes page, add those Classes to those Categories. 

Add the Schedule Block to a page.

Open the page that you want to add the Schedule to. Make sure to Save Changes.  On the block, you can select what Category you want to use for your Calendar.

Updated on: 03/09/2020

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