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Choosing The Right Header Layout

Choosing The Right Header Layout

This an article on menu design and styles based on aesthetic brands. See these articles to learn more about your Header, Footer Changing Content or Menus.

What is a Menu or Header?

There are 3 different menus. The Outer, Main, and Footer menu.

Parts of the Header

Types of Header Styles:

These Styles are:
Outer Menu Inline with Logo
This style is great for a minimalist look. Try to keep your Menu titles short to keep a clean aesthetic.
Outer Menu Below Header
This style is useful for balancing out large header images or have longer titles for your menu.
Outer Menu As Main Menu
This style is a minimalist look which removes the main menu and only displays the outer menu. Great for minimalist and giving leads less options to chose from.
Logo With Text
This style is useful if your logo doesn't display your business name for example if your logo is a symbol.

How to change your header styles:

To change your header style:
Click on the Settings Tab
Click on Design
Select your Header Style of Choice

Tips, Tricks and Good ideas for your header.

Keep Outer Menu titles short so that your website visitor can read them easily
Keep Menu options to only a few 3-5 items to convert more leads.
Ensure titles are clear and easy to understand.

Changing your Header,
Changing your Footer
Changing Content
Changing Menus.
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Updated on: 30/09/2020

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