LOOK BETTER. FEEL BETTER. | Marketing Campaign

The new year is a great time to push for new members. This campaign can be used to drive traffic to your website via social media and paid ads.

We've included graphics you can use as well as example content for your posts and email sendout. See example below.

It's very important to put together a strong offer since there will be lots of choices for your potential leads. The goal is to get them in your gym or online program. We know once you do this, you have a good chance of converting them.

Steps to set-up:
Download the creative assets we've designed for you. (Download them here)

Create your offer for the new year. This can be a anything from a free t-shirt to 50% a month of membership.

Add Landing pages to site. (Here is on a guide on how to set them up)

Add the email template we've written for you to the email or text message service of your choice. Be sure to follow up with your leads until they say "no!"

Make sure you make it easy for people to sign up.
Tell everyone about it! Share the graphics on social media, email your mailing list, run a paid ad and have your members refer others.

Possible Offers:
Put together a 30 day package (Free intro week, goal assessment, body composition measurement, complimentary personal training, etc.) and offer a great price for it in January limited to a certain number.
Free month when you sign up for 6 months.
Offer something free or deeply discounted if they signup before a certain date: Personal Training, nutrition consult, specialty classes, etc.

Make sure to include the offer in your social media posts.

Landing Pages:
Adding these to your website is easy. [ We have a guide here! ]
Main Landing Page
Thank You Page that people will be directed to upon signup

Social Media
Post Date: On or After 12/20

2020 may have kicked our butts, but I’m certain you aren’t going to let 2021 be more of the same. The best place to start is with YOU. [ YOUR BUSINESS NAME ] can help get you there.

Start the next year off right by building some good habits with support and accountability.
Make our gym part of your daily routine this new year. [ YOUR BUSINESS NAME ]

Stop procrastinating. You’ve got the best intentions, but then the day gets away from you. What you need is a workout defined for you, coaching support along the way, and some accountability peers. Join [ YOUR BUSINESS NAME ]

Email Template
Post Date: On or After 12/20

Alright! Enough of 2020 already
Take back your fitness
Regain your Confidence
Look Better and Feel Better in 2021

We know this year has kicked a lot of our butts.

So much uncertainty. So much that can’t be controlled.

There is one thing you can own though: YOUR HEALTH.

Looking better and feeling better are directly tied to your health and fitness.

With a new year, let’s do this.

We will provide the right coaching, support and accountability you need to achieve your goals faster than you realize.

With all this craziness in the world, let’s make sure you are as healthy as possible.


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To your health.
[Gym Owner]
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