NO MORE EXCUSES | Personal Training Marketing Campaign

A lot of your potential clients had good intentions this new year but didn't follow through. Working with a Personal Trainer could be just what they need. This campaign can be used to create more interest in Personal Training. The goal is to send potential members to your website via social media and paid ads.

We've included graphics you can use as well as example content for your posts and email send out. See the example below.

Choosing to work with a Personal Trainer is a big decision for your clients. It's very important to put together a strong offer since there will be lots of choices for your potential leads. The goal is to have them schedule a free consultation. We know once you do this, you have a good chance of converting them.

Important Note: If this is the first campaign you’ve run don’t worry about changing your regular onboarding processes. You know how to take care of folks once they’re in the door. This campaign will hopefully encourage them to take that first step.

Steps to set-up:
Download the creative assets we've designed for you. (Download them here)

Create your offer for this campaign.

Add Landing pages to the site. We have a video tutorial below how to do this.

Add the email template we've written for you to the email or text message service of your choice. Be sure to follow up with your leads until they say "no!"

Make sure you make it easy for people to sign up.

Tell everyone about it! Share the graphics on social media, email your mailing list, run a paid ad and have your members refer others.

Possible Offers:
Offer something for free:
Buy 9 sessions, Get 1 free!
Buy 5 sessions, Get free body fat testing!

Discount on Personal Training packages:
For first 5 people, a group of 10 PT session are 25% off

Bring a friend to do sessions with you and get 50% off the second person.

Make sure to include the offer in your social media posts.

Landing Pages:
There are two landing pages with this campaign:

The Main Landing Page

And a Thank You Page that people will be directed to upon signup

Watch the Landing Pages video below to add to your website

Social Media
Post Date: On or After Feb 5, 2021

One month in. Are you sticking to your New Year fitness goals? If not, [ Share offer ]

Working with a personal trainer creates fast momentum to achieve your goals & enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life – one day a time. [ Share offer ]

Did your new year not start off as you wanted? A personal trainer can get you back on track. [ Share offer ]

Email Template
Post Date: On or After Feb 5, 2021

Could you use some accountability?
What if we could guarantee the results you want?
Some tips for keeping your New Year’s Resolution
Make 2021 the year you prioritize your health

Hi there,

[your name] here from [gym name].

I started [gym name] because I care about helping people like you look and feel your best.

Imagine gaining back some confidence and energy.

With the accountability and attention you get with Personal Training, we guarantee that you will feel your best in 2021.

Now through the end of February we’re helping you get back on track with your 2021 goals.


This offer is limited to [number] of people. And once it’s gone it won’t come around until this time next year.

If you’re ready to see and feel the results you’ve always wanted, [Call to Action].

To your health.
[Gym Owner]
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