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Marketing Campaigns: Start here

We've been hearing so many great stories from you regarding the monthly marketing campaigns. It keeps us energized to know you're adding new members consistently after such a tough, tough year.

Keep up the great work business leaders!

I've also received a lot of great questions about strategy when it comes to promoting the campaigns. So I put together a list of the 5 best practices from those of you who have been getting new sign ups from the campaigns.


1. Keep it super super simple.

This is #1 for a reason. Try to avoid paralysis by analysis when it comes to marketing your business. How many of your clients expect to lose 20 pounds their first 2 weeks? Try to channel your inner coach here and trust that — through experience, trial, and error — you'll develop a marketing process that is predictable and repeatable.

Example: If you've never scheduled out a week-long calendar of social media posts, you shouldn't try to figure out paid social media ads. Start with a posting schedule, learn what works, then explore paid ads.

2. Follow up until they say "no"

Your big chain competitors do this really well. If someone comes in for a trial class they will call, email, and text until that lead unsubscribes or says they're not interested. You know that you'll take better care of that member, so why not show them you care before they're a member?

Example: I like the "Rule of 10." Follow up with a new lead 10 times in as many ways as possible — phone call, text message, email, funny meme, etc. Get creative and show that you care.

3. Promote the campaign to former members

We all have those members who got too busy to make it into the gym. And — trust me — if they left with a good experience, they want to come back when things calm down. But don't sit back and think that it'll all happen magically. Sometimes all a former member needs is a friendly reminder that you're here and that you miss them.

Example: Divide a list of former members equally amongst you, your business partners, and your coaches and charge them with contacting people on the list with your offer. Create a fun incentive like a new pair of shoes for whoever gets the most sign ups.

4. Promote the campaign to cold leads

Find a list of old leads that never joined your gym for whatever reason and send them 5-6 messages promoting your limited-time offer. It may be just what they need to give you another shot.

Example: Create a 5 email campaign that goes out every other day for 10 days. Let them know that this offer only lasts for 10 days and that — once it's gone — it's gone, baby. Urgency is a tried and true sales tool.

5. Involve your current members

Your members love your gym. And they probably talk about it at work, at home, and — well — anywhere people will listen. While this is great word-of-mouth, it may not lead to a co-worker joining for a long time. A special campaign or offer may be just the tipping point that friend needs to join your gym.

Example: Email your members and make daily class announcements about this month's campaign. Let them know that if they have anyone who is kind of interested in joining that this offer will only be around for a month. Bonus: use the graphics from the campaign to print off flyers or postcards to hand out to co-workers. Don't forget to genuinely thank the referring member in a special way!


Updated on: 08/02/2022

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