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Change Your Pricing Page

In this lesson, we will cover.

What should the Pricing Page do?
Should I even have a Pricing page?
How to edit blocks on your Pricing Page.
How to set up your Pricing Page so leads convert.
What should my Pricing Page do?

Your Pricing Page is very important. How many emails have you gotten that just said "pricing ???" or something like that. This is where you can tell your leads to how they are going to be a part of your gym.

PRO TIP: You do not need to have every membership option on your Pricing Page. Too many options are hard on your lead.(And looks like a menu at a diner) They don't even know what a lot of these options are so why not make it easy for them. Have 2-5 options to choose from.

Do I even need a Pricing Page? Some gyms don't have a Pricing Page. That's totally fine. Usually, gyms without pricing pages use the line "I want to show value in person before I tell them how much it is" If that is the case we recommend changing the Pricing Page into a Membership page. Set up just like we talk about below but instead of prices on the site you put what type of memberships you offer. Most people like to have an idea of how they are going to pay, attend class and how your memberships are set up before they walk in the door. That'll make that in-person talk much easier.

If you wish to remove pricing please follow this tutorial on how to change menu's.

Setting up your Pricing Page:

On your Gym Dashboard, select the Pages tab.

On your Gym Dashboard, select the Pages tab.

PRO TIP: Don't feel like you need to put every membership option on your pricing page. Just the few that you want people to know about. Make things obvious. If a membership isn't obvious about what is included write that out so people aren't confused.

Page Options

A good place to start is to open the page options. This is where you can change the page name if you want to call this page something else. Some examples of this are "Memberships, Services, Rates, etc.

You can also add to your SEO). The information you add in the field SEO Boosting Page Summary will display below your title when a user searches for your site in Google (see image below).

SEO Boosting Page Summary

Blocks typically used on the Pricing Page.

The first block is titled "Page Header". In this block, you can change the Page Title from "Pricing", if you want, to something like Our rates, Costs of our Programs, etc.

The background image can also be changed here. Make sure you choose an image that is high resolution. Upload your own photo or use one of our stock photos. Found also in this course under "Professional Photos For you to Use"

Pricing Group Block
This is a block that can display 1,2 or 3 pricing blocks. You can edit each one separately but the button on each one will all go to the same destination.

Using the above image, you can see what each content box changes for the Group 1 Pricing Block.  Something to think about here is how you want your options displayed.

PRO TIP: If you have a certain membership you want people to buy or notice put it in the middle of 3 blocks and really have a nice tiered look. But remember that these blocks change size based on how much text they have so you may need to adjust that to make this work.

But remember that these blocks change size based on how much text they have so you may need to adjust them if needed.

Pricing Single Block.

Shown here as "Intro Program" This is a great way to show any membership that isn't inherently obvious. Use this to tell people a little more about your program and show value.

Pricing Single Block

Using the above graphic you can see what is changed in this block. NOTE: The Price can be changed from a single price to multiple prices if applicable.

PRO TIP: If you have an intro program or on-ramp you can start your pricing page with this block to show people this first. That is a great way to manage expectations and show leads the how they can join your gym.

Feeling stuck? We make it easy. Just fill out the form right on the dashboard of your website or on this course. Simply press the button in the lower right-hand corner. Once expanded you can ask for help or talk to a member of our support team.

Updated on: 03/09/2020

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