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Home Page & Get Started Page

In this lesson, we will cover. 

What should the Home page and Getting started pages do?
Should I even have a Getting Started page?
How to edit blocks on your Home and Getting Started Page.
How to set up your Home Page so leads convert.

What should my Home Page do?

Your Home Page is very important. It's a quick overview of your gym and should show a lead what your business feels like and what sort of gym you are.

What if my Getting Started page feels like my Home page?

That's a good thing. Your Get Started page should be like a cliff notes version of your Home Page.  Most users are going to follow this pattern. 

Go to homepage.
Scroll halfway down
Click a page from the menu.
Scroll on that page.
Click Get Started/ Intro Schedule or NAVIGATE AWAY FROM YOUR PAGE.

So your Get Started page is a way to show the way someone is going to join your gym or what kind of services you offer.

Commonly used blocks on the Home and Get Started Pages.

Below are two blocks commonly used on the Get Started and Home Page.

Using and Editing the Get Started Block

The Get Started Block is not just used on the Get Started page but is also a great way to show different choices or paths for your clients.

Here are a few examples:

Showing two ways to sign up or join your gym.

Showing a multi-step process of how to join your Gym with one button.

Editing the Get Started Block.

Follow Our Tutorial On How To Update Get Started Steps

Using and Editing The Get Started Timeline / Journey Block

The User Journey is not only an option for use on the Get Started page but a great way to show the timeline and user journey for your clients. 

On your website, this is a powerful tool to show your process for getting people fit and allow you to create a "road map" for people to better understand your gym.

Update Get Started Timeline / Journey

Updated on: 03/09/2020

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