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Customize new lead automated message + staff notifications

You got a new lead. Now what?

Use your ModSites software to convert leads to customers.

How do leads come through your ModSite?

Your site comes pre-built with multiple forms. When a visitor submits a form, they are now considered a lead. Your goal is to convert leads into customers.

Although your site comes with multiple forms already you can add unlimited forms to differentiate different campaigns.

Who is notified and how are they notified if a visitor becomes a lead?

You can add or change who is notified of a form completion and what information is seen in that notification.

Navigate to your forms

Toggle Menu > Forms > Forms

Select the form you want to update

Settings > Notifications

Edit the notification

Admin notification > Edit
By default the form is sent to the site's administrator {admin_email}. You can add additional recipients (staff member, salesperson) to this notification.
|Pro tip: If you have a sales process in place (e.g. email sequence or follow up instructions), you can include these steps in the admin notification. This is helpful if you have staff who are in charge of sales & follow up. They can simply follow the process directly from the notification.

Automate the message a new lead receives immediately after completing a form

90% of your new leads are not ready to convert to customers when they fill out a form. They're shopping around looking for more information. Increase your likelihood of gaining a new customer by responding immediately with a Confirmation Automation.

What should you include in your Confirmation Automation?

Think of the most common questions you receive from potential customers... How do I get started? What should I bring to my first visit? What is your schedule? Do you have a free trial? By answering these most common questions in a Confirmation Automation you're helping your new lead become a customer faster.

Pro tip: If a new lead needs to schedule an introductory session or class, include the link to schedule this session in your Confirmation Automation. Remember — a lead is at maximum motivation immediately after completing a form. Give them a next step.

From your form view, navigate to Notifications > Add New

Name the notification, set the recipient email to match the form, and set the sender information

If the form you are working with does not have an email field it will not appear in the "send to" drop down.

Now all you need to do is edit the subject and body of the message and your Confirmation Automation is set.

Do I need marketing automation software? I've heard of a system where a lead is "nurtured" through a sales process automatically through a series of emails and text messages...

After crunching the numbers we've found that these systems have very low conversion rates. In fact, it might lower your lead conversion.

Good news! We've put together a lead follow up system for you with 10x higher conversion. Check it out >

Updated on: 17/02/2022

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