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How to use blog content for marketing and SEO

How to use blog content for marketing and SEO

What is blog content?

Blog content is dynamic and up-to-date articles, photos, and events that are added to your website regularly. Blog content differs from your “static” content (e.g. Schedule, Pricing, and Home Page) in that it is regularly updated and published.

Blogs can be categorized and displayed according to date, topic, and type of content (events, articles, featured customers, etc.).

Why is it important?

Regularly updated and new content is a signal for Google and other search engines to continually index your website. Each new piece of content that visitors click on is a signal to Google to further refine your search results. And with each new piece of content, Google can further refine the correct audience for your site.

Where should I display Blog content on my site?

In general, you do NOT want to detract visitors from the main purpose of your site: to convert from visitor to lead to customer. For this reason we do NOT recommend you populate your home page with blog content. In fact, we don’t recommend you have a button that links to blog content on your home page.

For that reason we recommend that you have a link to your blog posts in either your Outer Menu or your Footer menu.

The only exception here is if you regularly host events for leads to try your services before becoming a customer. This could be a free weekly class or a monthly seminar.

How should I share blog content?

Think of your blog content as a specific, unique opportunity to pull readers away from one platform to your site. This could be from an email newsletter, social media, or QR code on printed material. The visitor’s path to becoming a lead may look like: 1) Click on a relevant article shared & linked on Instagram. 2) Read the article on your site. 3) Continue to read other, static content on the site. 4) Complete a form submission for a free class.

Remember: The #1 goal of your site is to convert visitors to your main call to action.

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Updated on: 17/02/2022

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