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Get Started/ Schedule Intro Button

Get Started/Schedule Intro Button

The "Get Started" Button is a button that is in the upper right hand corner of your site. You can put any embed,widget or URL link there.

Before you start make sure you're logged into your site. Tutorial on how to login to your site.

Editing the "Get Started" Button

Click on the Lead Gen Tab.
Click on Schedule Intro / Main Call To Action
Follow along below for an overview

How to edit the Get Started Button

On this page you can add an Widget/Embed or a URL (ONE OR THE OTHER BUT NOT BOTH)

Once an Embed or Link is used you can then use it any block on the website by selecting "Get Started" under the button of each block.

How to change the text of the Get Started button.

You can also change the Text on the Get Started/Schedule Intro Button. Type your text in under Schedule Intro button text To update the Site click Save Changes

As always please reach out using the Chatbox if you have questions or need help.

Updated on: 20/08/2020

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