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Pricing Lead Tool: Should I use it and how does it work?


We created the Pricing Lead Tool as a way for you to capture visitors on your site and convert them to leads. Through looking at site analytics we found that visitors typically land on your homepage, go to your "Get Started" page, click on "Pricing," and then either leave your site or schedule an intro. Why is this a problem? If a site visitor has never received coaching or personal training in the past, they often report "sticker shock" when they first see your rates. The Pricing Lead Tool allows you to not only capture a lead but frame the conversation of the value you provide to your members.

But why not just display my prices? Aren't pop-ups annoying?

We've turned the corner on this after looking at hard data. There are 3 types of people who visit your site:

Someone ready to schedule an intro at that moment
Someone who will never join your gym
Someone on the fence

We're not worried about the first two visitors. It's the "on the fence" visitor that we want to capture. The "on the fence" visitor considers price and value more than any other factor at this point in the customer journey. This tool puts you in the driver's seat of that conversation.


The tool is simple. A visitor clicks on your pricing page and is prompted to quickly enter their contact information to see your rates. You receive a notification via email and you are directed to the "Leads" tab of your site to manage your gym's sales processes in a single, easy-to-understand view. See the screenshot below:

Leads Feature

But what if I don't know how to follow up with a Lead? How often should I contact them? How should I contact them?

We got your back! You'll find a best practice guide here:

Common Lead Nurturing Mistakes

Most of our clients feel that they're being a nuisance if they follow up with a Lead. Remember: They gave you their contact information because they want you to sell them a gym membership. They know that you will use their contact information to market your services to them when they give it to you. Follow up until you hear "no."

See it in action:

Steps for setup:

Click on Lead Gen tab.
Click on Pricing Lead Gen
Change settings, turn the Pricing Lead Gen on/off.

Did you know that you can adjust and change the form that pops up for the Pricing Lead Gen? You can use any form in your Gravity Forms.

Adding Custom Form or Changing Pricing Lead Gen:

Click on Lead Gen tab.
Click on Pricing Lead Gen
Change settings, turn the Pricing Lead Gen on/off.

Updated on: 29/10/2020

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