30 DAY MINDSET CHALLENGE | Marketing Campaign

This campaign is for your existing clients. The goal is to build a habit of showing up more consistently knowing they will get better results and in turn become more excited to be in your gym. We recommend offering prizes for various tiers of attendance like 12, 16, and 20 times per month.

By offering this challenge, you can help your clients change their mindset over the 30 days and begin to show up more consistently.

If you are able to support it, you can include additional habits, like water intake, nutrition, and/or sleep. (Example: If someone shows up 16 times during the challenge, they would receive a prize like a tee or swag. If they also get an extra hour of sleep per night at least 16 times, they get entered to win their next month free)

Challenge Ideas:
Focus on Attendance in Gym: 12/16/20 times per month
But you could also include:
- Water intake
- Nutrition
- Sleep

We've included graphics you can use as well as example content for your posts and email send out. Use free software like Canva (tutorials), to add your logo to graphics provided. See the example below.

Steps to set-up:
Download the creative assets we've designed for you. (Download them here)

Create your offer for this campaign.

Add Landing pages to the site. We have a video tutorial below how to do this.

Add the email template(s) we've written for you to the email service of your choice. Be sure to follow up with your leads until they say "no!"

Make sure you make it easy for people to sign up. Once people sign up, they will receive the attendance worksheet to use for the challenge. You can see it here.

Tell everyone about it! Share the graphics on social media, email your mailing list, and try to get as many members as possible to join this challenge.

Possible Offers:

For Attendance:
- Show up 12 days during the challenge and receive XX
- Show up 16 days during the challenge and receive XX
- Show up 20 days during the challenge and receive XX (limited edition tee)

Not only show up during this challenge, but you could be entered into our giveaway if you are also part of our water intake, nutrition, or sleep habit. (Ex: Prize could be 1 person gets next month free or 2 people get their next month half off)

Landing Pages:

The Landing Page is where people sign up for your offer. It has two jobs:

1. Excite people about your offer:
Display your offer in big, bold text to get them excited to claim it. And showcase the main selling points of your gym to build their interest in joining.

2. Make it easy for people to claim the offer:
The offer form is placed at the top of the page so people can immediately see it when they land on the page. And the title and subtext explain exactly what a person should do on the page: Claim the offer.

There are two landing pages with this campaign:

The Main Landing Page

And a Thank You Page that people will be directed to upon signup

Watch the Landing Pages video below to add to your website

Email Template
Post Date: When you launch campaign


SUBJECT LINE: Get Rewarded for Simply Showing Up

If you struggle with showing up consistently or would like to add another fitness day to your week, our easy 30-day Mindset Challenge is just what you need.
Simply signup below and pick an attendance goal, then get after it.

[make sure to include any specific info here as well as some bullet points of what’s included below.]

If you are SUPER PUMPED (like I am) and ready to sign up for this challenge you can do so by clicking the link below.

Signup here > [Link to Register]

When you sign up, we will provide an attendance form that you can use to track your progress.

[Gym Owner]

P.S. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to start!
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