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Facility Page

In this lesson we will cover:

What is your Facility page for?
Blocks used on your Facility page.
Tips for making a great Facility page.
What is your Facility page for?

The facility page is designed to be a quick way to show people what your gym is all about.

Use this as a page to demonstrate value and show off what is unique about your gym.

Think of this as a quick snapshot or elevator pitch of what your gym is all about.

Review Your Facility Page.

On your Gym Dashboard, select the Facility page.

Setting up the page.

By clicking Page Options you can rename this page. Such as "Who we are", "Our gym", "Our Vibe" etc

You can also add to the SEO page summary. ( See this course for a quick guide) The information you add in the field SEO Boosting Page Summary will display below your title when a user searches for your site in Google (see red box in the image below).

Editing Page Content

The first block is typically titled "Page Header"

In this block, you can change the Page Title from "Our Facility", to something like Our Gym, Our Training Center, etc.

The background image can also be changed here. Make sure you choose an image that is high resolution. Upload your photo or use one of our stock photos.

Block 2- About Our Facility

In this block, you can change your header. Keep this simple. You can also change the background image to whatever you like. You can also use our stock photos.

Here you can also edit the description of your facility In the "Text" box. If nothing shows up to edit, be sure to select the "Text" tab in the top right-hand corner.

Block 3- Our Facility Gallery

Here you can change the pictures displayed on the bottom of the page. This galley is responsive and will change size based on the size of photos. If your photos are not displaying evenly this is typically due to them being a different aspect ratio from each other.

Block 4- Call to action

This is a call to action for people to sign up.

PRO TIP: For an easy visual change use the accent colors on this block.

Here is the "Rosetta Stone" for the facility page. It shows you where items are edited to make changes.

Thats it. Make sure you hit save and keep it up!

Updated on: 03/09/2020

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