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Updating FAQS

How to Update F.A.Q's on your site.

Select F.A.Q block
Click on All F.A.Q's
Select F.A.Q you want to change
Press Update

PRO TIP You can add categories to your F.A.Qs to make different lists without having to write the questions again.

Step by Step Guide.

Once on the "FAQs" page you will see a list of FAQ's these are displayed are both the FAQ Page and on the Drop in section on the front page. Changes you make here will be made in both locations. 

These FAQ's come to you already written with fantastic copy. We understand that every gym has its own feel, quirks, features and culture. Feel free to change the answers or use them as is. 

To edit a FAQ select the question you want to update.

Once there, you can see this is a typical page for editing. Simply change the Question and the Answer to reflect your policy. 

Remember these come already written but you are free to change them to whatever your policy is.\

Why is this on my FAQ page but not on my Drop-in Page?

Remember earlier where I said that updates made on the FAQ's page and the Drop-in Page? 

Direct your attention to the Categories section. Checking the box "General" will put it on the FAQ page and checking "Drop-ins" will simply put it on the "Drop-ins" section.

Please reach out to support if you have other questions or concerns.

Updated on: 06/10/2020

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